Friday, October 25, 2013

Week: On My Mind

This week has been a great (and long) week. I took off today for a mental health break (aka the day I can finally fit in at Target with all the other ladies in their work-out gear at 11:00 am).

Here are some things I have been loving lately:

1 - Gap Eversoft Sweater - This thing is supersoft and has a chicly, cheap price tag. Why do I love Gap? They have "tall" sized shirts that help out us not so vertically challenged gals.

2 - A perfectly styled tailgate... Mandy is super talented and it helped that this Alabama grad picked up a few classy, styling tips. I love my team but hate gaudy sports gear.

3 - Betrayal - The hubs came upstairs last week and took one look at the television and said "What in the world are you watching?" I responded that yes it is trashy, mindless and a little lacking in the plotline, but I love it. You could summarize it as a soap opera for night.

4 - Thank you Southern Living for already stressing me out about the Thanksgiving menu. This pie will be made.

5 - FALL! This is my favorite time of the year and it is here in full force. The high today is 52... so fall may have overshot it a little too early. I will most likely be breaking out the boots for the weekend but people please leave your parkas in the closet a little longer. (Yes, I am talking about you lady crossing the street yesterday in 65 degrees with a fur-lined down jacket.)

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  1. That pie is on my radar as well! It's been the talk of our office.