Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Wishes

Y'all Christmas needs to slow down. I have gotten zero presents and promised myself I would be ahead of the season this year. All the more reason to partake in Black Friday with the other crazies.

Here are a few things on my list:

Jacket - this baby looks just like a Barbour for a fraction of the price / ASOS Swing Dress - I have been so happy with all my ASOS purchases / Note pad set - I love these various sizes and gold polka dots seem the "in" design now / Hunter boots - I used to think these would frivolous; after a soaked music concert, my tune has changed / Necklace - Loving this tortoise accent / Pajamas - I could always use some new pjs


  1. whoohooo! i love that jacket. i'm going to need to get to list making!

  2. just found your blog! that necklace is so fun!

  3. Stumbled here from searching for Christmas wishes and I notice you've got a nice wishlist. I love that necklace! So trendy. Thanks for sharing!