Tuesday, November 19, 2013


If you aren't on Instagram, well then you should be. It is slightly addicting and puts Twitter/Facebook to shame. I am a visual person anyways so that is probably why it is a new fav. Here are recent fam jam happenings, via Instagram:

Top Row: I frequently visit Nordstrom Rack during my lunch break and those Kate Spade purses are calling my name / My parents gave the Hubs a hammock for his birthday and we have definitely been putting it to good use... all four of us / A couple weeks ago, I took the day off and felt so strange wearing workout clothes at 11:00 am on a week day

Middle Row: We sometimes "gift" the furry kids with the luxury of sleeping in the bed; they live it up / Three weeks ago we got our house repainted and it looked like a haunted house just in time for Halloween / Roll Tide (enough said)

Last Row: While baking three dozen cupcakes, I had a newfound respect for storebought items and clean kitchens / Winston the Lion and Winnifred the Hot Dog sporting their Halloween gear / The Hubs and I at the LSU vs. Alabama Game; a rare couple shot

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