Thursday, January 2, 2014

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I seriously cannot believe that it is already a new year I learned a lot this past year but can't wait to see what 2014 has in store. 

I learned:
  • Good people are here to stay. Value those in your life that lift you up and lift them up in return.  
  • Life is too short for the petty stuff. If you can forgive and forget, then do just that.  
  • Sometimes you just need to take some "me" time to disconnect and refresh.  
  • Everyone needs a little travel to unwind. This can be back to your hometown or a European excursion. 
  • Little moments count the most. Whether it is a sincere thank you or a heartfelt text, those little things are the ones that matter.  
  • Friends are worth it. Those good/great/stand-by-you whenever-you-need-it friends are the ones that will be with you forever. Those people are the ones I value most in my life.

Looking forward to 2014 I can think of only one goal. Yes I want to get back to my wedding weight or cook more for the hubs, but my number one resolution is to be in the moment. I need to not think about the next vacation or the next home project. I need to value my present gifts and appreciate the little things.

Happy New Year!

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