Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Favorite Things

You know those things that you just love and can't live without? Well here are a few of mine (and all under $75):

Three Wishes Dogeared Necklace - I may wear this necklace everyday (no joke). I love how delicate it is and the three metals work with anything. I have had it since my last Dogeared necklace got sucked up in the vacuum cleaner (not naming names). Great, great brand!

Sharpie pens - These are all I write with. I am that Type A person that color codes her meeting notes based on topic so having literally all 12 colors comes in really handy. My love has spread across the office as well.

C Wonder wallet - This wallet is perfect. After wanting a Tory one for so long, I was glad the other Burch stepped up with a budget friendly option. The colors are great for any season too!

Tory Burch earrings - I bought these with my birthday discount (definitely sign up if you aren't already) and wear them all the time. I am a stud earring kind of girl so these are perfect for everyday.

WS Lavender soap - I feel old even admitting this but I stock pile this stuff. If you live in Atlanta, go to the outlet and buy their store pieces for a major discount. The grapefruit is a great scent as well but anything lavender is my fav.

Reisling - While I can't drink this currently, I am counting down to having my weekend winedown come the fall.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A little news...

Gees I have been a little MIA.... not posting in over a month! Our little family has some news to share:

Announcement we sent to family and friends

Aaron and I are over the moon excited... just trying to soak it all in. I have been a little under the weather but trying to keep a positive attitude through it all. 

How We Found Out
Over Christmas holidays, I just felt off (tired/emotional/zoned out). My mom drove me back to Atlanta to help with our Master bath painting project while Aaron went hunting. Fast forward two days and Aaron was driving back to Georgia. After seeing that positive test, I ran straight to the store to buy a favorite childhood book to have Aaron open. Aaron came home late that night and was about to hop in the shower before I begged him to open one last "Christmas" gift. Needless to say there were lots of teary eyes and "Oh my goodness" but we very, very happy.

Are We Finding Out The Gender?
Heck Yes! This Southern girl has to have her monogramming completed beforehand. We are hoping our appointment is before Easter so we can tell our families when we go home.

Nursery Decor
I have been pinning on a secret Pinterest board ever since we found out. I am aiming for a gender neutral base with pops of color once we find out if it is a he or she. All the furniture has been picked out; just waiting to order once we have the room painted and carpet replaced.