Monday, May 5, 2014


Life has been non-stop lately and it doesn't seem like it will let up anytime soon. All the more for making time fly until we meet little one in September!

Here are some "lately" pictures from my phone:
1 - Adult spring break in Colorado (and no I did not ski)
2 - Belly shot from 19 weeks (3 weeks ago); the bump is small but mighty
3 - A trip to the Varsity for some yummy grub
4 - The fur babies freaked when I moved their beds in the hall one day while cleaning; you can see Winston staking claim
5 - Gender Reveal set up
6 - Focal fabric for the nursery; still surreal I am looking at florals
7 - Stencil work in bambino's nursery bookcase
8 - Baby shot from last week's appointment; she was not very cooperative with the profile shots

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