Monday, June 30, 2014

Preggo Truths

- Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a humorous post on my take of pregnancy thus far. In no way is this applicable to everyone or is meant to be condescending to the miracle of pregnancy -

I put the disclaimer above because people are so touchy on the internet these days. I wanted to post on my pregnancy thus far and thoughts along the way. While some portions may be instilled with humor I am forever grateful for my sweet baby girl.

To get the truth out there, I have had some hard times in the woman department. You never know how long things will take or how things will play out for you in the long run. I had some dark times last year thinking I could have complications with pregnancy down the road. While I am extremely blessed I know it is not easy for some people. There are women who struggle with infertility or lose a baby every day. Knowing that, my heart breaks for each and every one of them.

This post is meant to call out the things I have heard about pregnancy before and my thoughts... Enjoy!

Unsolicited advice and comments
You will get advice from everyone.... Co-workers, family, friends, strangers. I have gotten advice in elevators, shopping malls, you name it. I have learned you simply nod your head and say thanks :) I know people mean well but sometimes it is slightly overwhelming to hear 12 different versions of a birthing story.

Lately the comments have been on the impending hot months with comments like "Oh girl you will be dying in August" really does not get me pumped for more sweltering heat and swollen feet. Yes I know it will be hot in August... do you not think that hit me back in January when I started counting the days. As for comebacks, I have none. I just nod.

"Are you nervous about the big day?"
I have also started to get this one lately. It is fun as I pause and go a pale green color... just kidding but I respond with a polite "heck yes." Do you think I haven't thought about the whole birthing story, gotten daily email digests about it and read the 14 pamphlets on what not to do?

"You will only gain weight in your belly"
This is a total lie. Everywhere gains weight.... I mean everywhere.

There is a lot of judging
I am not talking about vocal judging. Just looks as you eat that piece of candy or buy an orange juice in the morning... yes people it is pasturized juice... lay off! I have gotten looks as I carried a few too many grocery bags out to my car or worn the same pants in the same week. You do what you have to do for these few months.

You have a new-found urgency and sense not to care
Everything seems to have a timeline and a due date on when said task should be completed. These tasks also have deadlines in weeks not dates as in "When I am 37 weeks, the nursery should be done."

Being a true Southern women we tend to keep thoughts to ourselves but think the truth in our heads. Well pregnancy has removed all sorts of filters I had before and I usually just blurt out what is on my mind. My co-workers think this is hilarious as I am slightly mortified, slightly relieved to just say what I want (cheers to two more months of having an excuse to do this).

"You should exercise the entire nine ten months"
So my doctor terrified me about eating for two (although I love her dearly). I have tried to be cognizant of this while also indulging cravings when necessary.  On top of analyzing every nutrition label there are people that badger you for not exercising. Y'all.... I can't even keep my eyes open after a nine hour workday much less want to go walk my swollen cankles around the block. I did buy a prenatal work-out video after seeing fat pockets in places that I didn't know existed but the couch is so tempting when you can't even breathe to walk upstairs.

A kick in the stomach makes you feel better
With the lovely World Wide Web comes the crazies. These are the people that love to instill fear in every pregnant soul in the world. If you accidentally eat a black-listed item they recommend racing to the ER or if you haven't felt a kick in 4 hours you should stalk your OB all night. This fear is not cool for a first time mom but I will say the long-awaited kicks make it all worth it. Each baby has their own schedule but they remind you that a little precious baby is prepping to come into the world and change your life completely.

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