Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I am trying to do better about this blogging thing (excuses, excuses :) ). Here is a little view into our life lately:

1.  Memorial Day at the lake, which is both the dogs and our happy place to unwind
2.  First glimpse at baby girl's room. I am still working on stuff for the walls and then will unveil my new favorite room in the house.
 3. The hubs and I went to the US Open golf tournament in Pinehurst, NC (this was planned pre-baby). The resort town is gorgeous with tons of precious houses and hospitality. If your man loves golf this would be a great place to send him for a trip away.
4. Winnie has had some severe seperation aniexty lately and insists on sitting in your lap like she doesn't weigh roughly 55 lbs.
5. Winston joining in on Aaron's birthday celebration
6. The bestie came in town and we rocked out to Katy Perry. It was great to catch up with Mere and Miss Perry put on a fantastic show, complete with thousands of screaming preteen fans.
7. This swan made an appearance on July 4th. Go and buy one now!
8. A rare bump sighting at 31 weeks. 


  1. Can't wait to see more of the nursery! Your bump is super cute. Where is everyone buying those swans?

  2. The swan is kind-of amazing. I bought mine on Amazon: