Monday, July 14, 2014

Pregnancy Favorites

Y'all... I can't believe we are 8 weeks away from meeting little one! So exciting yet slightly frightening at the same time. I am thinking about all the things I need to accomplish during this time.

I truly can't complain about this pregnancy thus far. Yes the aches and pains are starting to hit and hit hard but it has been pretty uneventful... crossing my fingers it stays this way.

Here are a few lifesavers from the past 8 months:

Prenatal Vitamins - This brand pictured are not the ones I take; I am a store brand kind of gal. These are not really a lifesaver but a necessity for any preggo.

Snoogle Mini - This bad boy has been named Theodore (why I have no clue but he has now become part of our co-sleeping arrangement). The mini is great because it is not as monstrous as the original but provides amazing support for the hips. When we travel, it is a must because you can definitely regret those nights without it.

The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy - I chose to be very selective in what I read because some books are out there to scare you into seclusion. You will second guess everything you eat, breathe or even look at. This book was hilarious but also gave some great advice. My favorite was setting the expectations that everything on my body would gain weight... not just the belly. It has prevented some near-breakdown moments.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter -  I have not been persistent in applying lotion nightly but this is my go-to. You smell like a massive chocolate bar but it eases the mind about stretch marks. Truthfully, everything I read said you either get them or you don't ... no amount of lotion will do anything.

Lemons - Everyone harps on staying hydrated throughout your pregnancy. They say it prevents swelling (which is a lie) and helps with fatigue. To be honest, I never want to drink water again. When you cut out alcohol and caffeine, there is not much left in the beverage department. But... lemons have been water's saving grace by preventing my gag reflex from reacting after drowning myself with each 12 ounce glass at a time.

EOS Lip Balm - This lip balm was always my favorite but now I find myself applying it every hour. It is a must-have!

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