Monday, September 22, 2014

Mary Tilman: Birth Story

I wanted to document Mary Tilman's birth story for both my memory and hers.

This tale really starts on Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. Aaron was home and noticed there was a substantial amount of water in our basement. He initially assumed it was from a dog accident (sorry Winnie) but when I got home, I noticed it was way too much to be them. After dinner at our local Mexican restaurant (hello spicy food), we came back to more water. Aaron attempted to vacuum some of it up and noticed the sound of water running. Much to my dismay, he broke into the drywall to discover a leaking pipe. Fast forward a few frantic minutes and we have no water and have to wait until morning for a plumber. Now picture this preggo chick in a house with no running water... yea we were roughing it.

The next day, I worked from home due to no shower and having some minor cramping overnight. I truly thought nothing of the cramping but turned to Google to see if it could be labor. Ladies, don't turn to Google... it gives no answers. Several plumbers came and went while offering us not much help in the process. My cramps were growing more uncomfortable but again I was thinking these were not the real thing, just Braxton Hicks. After sitting on a conference call around 4:00 pm and continuously having to jump up every time a cramp hit, I decided to call my doctor. She said she didn't think they were real labor contractions but with them being 5 minutes apart, let's come in to be sure. I called Aaron, who was outside with a plumber, that we needed to get packed up and go. Luckily we have awesome neighbors that could watch our house as the work was being finished.

These two were quite concerned as I jumped up every time a cramp/contraction hit.

Baby bump before we left for the hospital - 39 weeks, 4 days

Mom & Dad selfie before leaving the house

Of course, we hit some Atlanta traffic on the way to the hospital but I truly thought we would not be admitted. After getting checked in around 6:45 pm, they hooked me up for monitoring. My contractions were still coming and I had made some progress from my doctor's appt. the day prior. I also decided to walk around my hospital room to see if that would do anything. After about 3 hours, the doctor came in and did some progress checks. Her next question was to encourage me to ask for my epidural if I wanted it. I got really wide-eyed and asked if that meant I was being admitted. She responded and said we were having a baby! A few tears were shed and phone calls were made and waiting began. 

I decided to ask for my epidural and it was heavenly. Unfortunately, I experienced some blood pressure drops which were a little scary but everything leveled out. I truly don't know how much more time went by but my epidural sped my progress up significantly. Our families arrived and we got to spend a few minutes with them before we started pushing around 1:45 am.

Labor was EXHAUSTING and I truly thought she would never come but at 3:56 am, Mary Tilman made her arrival. I was completely drained but it was so surreal to finally hold her after almost 10 months. She truly is a gift.

Mary Tilman Adelle
7.7 lbs - 19 3/4 inches

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