Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mary Tilman: One Month Update

Sweet Mary Tilman is one month old (or was this past weekend). Since I spared you weekly pregnancy updates I decided to document monthly baby updates. This is really just for me and my memories if we are being honest here.

Weight: 9 lbs, 6 oz (Little one has put on over 2 lbs since our last pediatrician visit).

Height: 22 inches long

Sleep: We are still working on this but I can proudly say you have gone a few nights with just one nighttime feeding. I think I am at fault on this because I have not been following the MOC recommendations as much as I should, but your doctor gave me some good suggestions on making sleep a priority for both of us.

Clothes/Diapers: You are still in newborn diapers but will need to move up here in the near future. You are also still in 0-3 months clothes, but luckily your grandmothers saved plenty of gowns from our childhoods so your closet is stocked.

Diet: Milk... enough said

Favorite Gear: Stroller, swaddle blankets, Wubbanub

Milestones/Firsts: You have had several outings around town and a trip to the pumpkin farm. You also have started smiling and found your voice. You have also been nicknamed "Stinker" because you have mastered the perfect cry enough to send your dad or I running... only to be fooled and find no tears and a perfectly happy baby.

Likes: Eating, your Daddy, snuggling

Dislikes: Bathtime, dirty diapers, "the witching hour" before bed

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  1. Reading up Mary's monthly updates really brightens my day, Julie. The healthy updates and overall development of your little girl makes me feel thrilled for you and your family. I guess you can say that I really like the idea of the updates you post for us readers. Keep us posted, okay? Thanks for sharing them! All the best to you and your family! :)

    Candace Hudson @ MedCare