Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday

I know I am MIA again. Hopefully these updates will bid me some time until I get my life in order ;)

#1 - Holy Scandal! I seriously tensed up so much that Aaron even noticed it! After binge watching every episode during my maternity leave, I am kind of wishing I had a few stocked up. That ending was kinda crazy and definitely has me penciling in TV time for next Thursday night.

#2 - We had some work done in our yard this week and I am so pumped about it. Part of our backyard was so shady that none of the grass would grow so we decided to make better use of it and add a flagstone patio. After speaking with a few companies, we nixed the idea of a permanent firepit and bought one from Frontgate. I am ready for some spring planting, throwing up some string lights and you can find me here every weekend night. I will post better pics when we have it all nice and prettied up.

#3 - Mary Tilman's baptism is rapidly approaching and we are hosting an afternoon brunch at our house. There is something about planning events for your loved ones that adds a whole other level of stress. These peonies were definitely penciled down in my floral order for the big day. I can't wait to see it all some to fruition.

#4 - I am obsessed with a baby in a bonnet. I am a lover of the Beaufort Bonnet Company but need spring to get here before she sports her BBC stash. My mother-in-law made this sweet dress and bonnet for MT and adorable is the only word to describe it! She looks like a little cupcake.

#5 - I am over winter. I need spring and spring clothes. This yearning could be because I couldn't fit into any of my clothes last year, you know being pregnant and all. I love me some maxis and can't wait to break them out. This BCBG number is perfect, especially for all the parties and showers we have coming up this spring!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


One of my new year resolutions was to blog more... so that one has been a failure. I swear I am going to try harder by planning ahead more (keep me to it).

In the spirit of not-planning ahead here are some random thoughts for your gloomy Tuesday:

I started working out again... lord have mercy I am so out of shape. This body needs to tone up for all the weddings/events/trips coming up and I am trying to stay motivated. A tiny feeling last night made me want to crawl in bed as soon as baby girl was asleep but I persevered to spend some time with Mr. P90X.

I really want to invest more time in my side business and promoting it but I am struggling to find a balance with it all. I am craving "me" time but also know the zillions of things that need to get done before I can truly relax. Luckily, I have lots of upcoming personal events planned that can give me a creative outlet in the meantime.

We are starting a backyard project and I can't wait. I finally feel finished with the interior of the house so the outside now needs a little love.

I have started to cook more and realize I really love to cook. I hate the mess but love me some food.

Baby girl is growing non-stop and it makes me so sad. I love this stage she is in right now because of her amazing personality but it also brings up tons of worry and tears.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mary Tilman: 4 Month Update

Weight: I am guessing high 13 lb arena but we find out on Friday at her 4 month appt. (Updated: she shocked me weighing in at 14 lbs, 10 ounces)
Height: Same ... not sure but long. (Updated: our long little one is 25 3/4 inches)
Sleep: Sleeping all night but our lovely 4 month sleep regression and Wonder Week 19 have hit. (In case you are wondering what the heck a Wonder Week is, they are development phases babies go through over their first two years; It is fascinating and very spot on when describing their changes). This lovely new sleep pattern is leaving you with two weary parents as you now can not be consoled during the hours of 3-5 am. 
Clothes/Diapers: Size 1 diapers still; Definitely in 3-6 month clothes and some of these are becoming a little short. I can't wait til Spring hits and you can wear dresses again.
Diet: Milk but watching our food very intently and with a slight case of envy
Favorite Gear: Anything you can eat (Sophie, rattles, etc.); you are also liking your Mamaroo again
Milestones/Firsts: Your first Christmas and New Years! The holidays were definitely better with you! You are trying to roll from back to tummy per our stalking you on the monitor. You are also grabbing everything so we have to watch plates and cups when you sit at the table.
Likes: any toy that makes a noise, the bubbles you make, the crazy songs we make up to get you to smile, bath time, changing your diaper
Dislikes: Red lights (I think you picked the wrong city to live in child), really dirty diapers