Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Y'all... my baby can sit up! Um this is not supposed to happen yet! There were definitely tears shed as she is getting too big too soon. Of course I was there to catch her when she took a lean too far but she can definitely sit up now. Time slow down! Here is our new trick that we like to break out a time or two.

2. I made this appetizer last weekend for the Super Bowl and it was super yummy! The best part is how easy it is. Make your pimento cheese, warm it in some phyllo cups and top with pepper jelly. Recipe kudos go to Natalie.

3. I tried on this dress one night this week and it is adorable. While it made me look like I had currently had four boobs, it is a precious dress and one that I couldn't keep to myself.

4. Spring... where are you? I need some flowers, sun and spring temps in my life stat! Wouldn't this be gorgeous? A lot of work but gorg!

5. I needed this reminder this week after some stressful times. I am trying to stay positive and remember all that I am blessed with.

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