Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mary Tilman: 5 Month Update

Weight: I am guessing 15 lbs.

Height: Long (no clue really)

Sleep: Still sleeping like a champ. We did have a few nights of restless sleep when you decided that you wanted to learn how to roll on your belly but all is well as you have now figured it out. You love to suck your thumb and sleep on your side.

Clothes/Diapers: In 6 month clothes with some sleepers in 9 months; still in size 2 diapers

Diet: Milk but we will be starting solids mid-month (per doctor); I think you are ready as you try to grab our plates at dinner. You have also become quite interested in Daddy and Mommy juice (i.e. Beer and Wine)... and no we don't feed her these if you are reading this and freaking out.
Favorite Gear: Exersaucer, Bumbo (except you give me a mini heart attack with every use), Playmat (seriously the most used thing we own)
Milestones/Firsts: We weaned you from the swaddle this month and you did outstanding. I think it was your parentals that were the scared ones. You have also started rolling like crazy and even got it labeled on your crib at school. Even though you have rolled before, I guess you felt like stepping your game up a little.

Likes: Tickles, your furry siblings, sitting up (assisted of course), popping your lips and tongue, showcasing your new trick of spitting

Dislikes: Changing clothes

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