Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life Lately

This month began our craziness until early July. We have one weekend (this upcoming) with absolutely no plans. As much as I love being on the go, I love the slow pace weekends bring especially now with a little one. The good thing is all the weddings, trips and parties bring lots of friend and family time.

- Mary Tilman has been eating solids for about a month and pretty much gobbling up everything. We are now mixing fruits and veggies which have been a hit.
- We brought out the bonnet on a recent sunny day and I am smitten with this classic Southern look.
- Santa brought a baby swing so we thought to break it out. She treats it as a moving recliner while we stand and push ... ah the life of a baby
- MT recently had 6 month pictures and Aaron snagged a few on his phone. I can't wait to see the final images.

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