Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Ramblings to bide you on this dreary Tuesday:

- I am contemplating a meal delivery service. Gosh that sounds super snooty when I type it but we need to eat in more, yet I am having a hard time finding the motivation to meal plan and carve out time. I got the idea from reading Megan's post and narrowed it down to two possible companies, Plated or Hello Fresh. Truthfully when you spell out the costs for two people a week, it is not too bad. This is not something I would order all the time but would be perfect for those busy weeks or weekends to come.

- I can't decide if I should be a morning or evening person... and in being one or the other I mean work out during that time. I love to sleep... like L.O.V.E. it. I also love to not feel a fat roll every time I sit (just being honest here). I am much more "awake" in the evenings but it is 9:00 before I get done doing all the household chores that need to get done. Any advice?

- I love the debate and long-standing tradition of our nation's politics. One of my best experiences was interning for our state's governor one summer. But, were people raised in a barn these days? Didn't your momma tell you to never discuss politics, religion or money? Done.. and off that soapbox. (Don't you love all these Southern laced sayings?)

- I am about to jump on the one-piece bandwagon. They are so darn cute and cover up this mom bod (back to the second bullet discussion above). This one is super cute but I would rather have a dress or shoes for this price.

- Mary Tilman is on the verge of crawling. Stop time! Like seriously stop so I can prepare myself for baby-proofing our entire house.

- I am going to Charleston this weekend for the bestie's bachelorette and I am so excited, as if my basement full of pink, tassels and glitter isn't an indication. I have never been and if it is anything like my new favorite show, Southern Charm, then we are going to have a blast. Just tell my heart not to break as we pull out of the drive from the hubs and baby girl for a few days.

- Sometimes you just need a good quote to put things in perspective, and we all know I love a good quote.

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