Thursday, May 28, 2015

Birthday List

Someone has a birthday coming up... cough, cough me! I love birthdays but this year just seems to be a little blah. I could be that I am just plain exhausted or that we have a big trip planned so I am looking forward to that. Whatever it is, I still have a few items I have had my eye on...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Long Weekend

This past weekend our little family unit of three (plus the bullies) went to our favorite place, the lake.

While this time around was not as relaxing, it was just as enjoyable and fun! Little bit loved the lake and squealed when she saw the water or her dogs in the water (they seem to be one in the same).

We enjoyed our snacks outside while watching the boats and jet skis go by / During dinner Saturday night, she got a little cranky so Dad and baby trekked to chill in the grass

Mary Tilman is very much a Momma's girl but only her daddy can calm her down sometimes / This beauty of a float was an early birthday present. If you have little ones, run to Costco and buy one. MT loved the mesh part that she could sit in while floating with us

These dog beasts must have some lab deep in there because they risked life on those steps. There were several times I thought we would have to swim in after them (I say we as in Aaron). As for wading in the shallow end, they could do that all day / #parentfail... we didn't realize you HAD to latch the crotch strap to make it fit properly so little bit was pretty uncomfortable that first boat ride  (we were perfectly safe and she clutched to me that entire ride before any safety haters come forward)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Recent Acquistions

Considering we have had few weekends at home, I have done some shopping in preparation for summer and upcoming trips. Online shopping can't be bet especially with all these Memorial Day sales popping up.

Here are some new closet additions:

Victoria Secret Bathing Suit - great for the mom bod / Nordstrom Tassel Dress - I am a sucker for tassels / Banana Republic Wedges - these are perfection in every way / Loft Embroidered Dress - I actually just ordered this today so fingers crossed it is as perfect in person / Replica Rollerball Perfume - great buy for our upcoming trip to the Caribbean

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Cocktails

It is no secret I love a good refreshing drink. Considering I didn't have an adult beverage for a majority of 2014, I am looking forward to a summery concoction while enjoying the nice upcoming weather. Thanks to Pinterest there is no shortage of recipes to be had which are perfect for the pool, lake, beach or just an afternoon outside.

 White Wine Mojito / Yellowhammer (a college town drink) 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mom Confessions

Disclaimer: If you are a guy reading this... probably only my dad and husband, you may want to skip this post.

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of those mommies out there. My first mother's day was filled with plenty of snuggles with little princess after a weekend away. I think I made it back to Atlanta in record time.

A new perspective on this holiday has brought up how much mothers devote to their families. Truthfully (sorry mom) I don't think I realized how much mommas sacrifice for the time devoted to growing and nurturing their little ones through life.

Here are some new mommy confessions I have learned along the way:

- I didn't know how much of my life would be spent breastfeeding. As in like most of your day the first few weeks was solely spent with that little baby and your hoohas. And boy is it hard. Hard in the aspect of trying to get in-sync with new baby and new body but also trying to cope with being the sole provider of baby's nutrition. While I liked a glass of wine in the evenings, I had to time it just right for the next feed. I also had to watch what I ate for the chance at upsetting her tummy. Aaron would be so kind and offer to let me run errands solo but I still had to pump or feed... so I was never "off the hook." I could write a whole post on this topic alone but the pressure women give each other on this topic is unreal. Mom guilt is a real thing and ever present on the topic of breastfeeding. Around six months, my supply dropped. It could be attributed to Mary Tilman's solid foods or pumping three times a day at work. I got stressed and worried not just about her nutrition but what people would think of me. Was I a slacker and weak for giving up? After supplementing with formula (because we powered through the freezer stash) I realized that stressing was not helping the situation so we started on formula only. Yes I have guilt (but she did get her first ear infection while she was BF-ing so that wasn't antibody preventable) but I also have the time to enjoy her more without stressing. I don't have to make marathon Target runs or worry about having some "me" time. So mommies... do what you need to do and forget all the negativity that may will come.

- Your new body may never be the same. I have stretch marks that appeared during the last month of pregnancy and make me so self conscious. I have a mom pooch that pushes me to want to wear my maternity business pants eight months later. I have the intense desire to wear a cover up the entire time I am in a bathing suit. But.... my new body created this miracle that I am so blessed to have. After going to the doctor last week she was so excited I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I said "Yeah but things are in a completely different place than before... all jiggly." She proceeded to break the news that it may never be the same. I am learning to love this "new" body and being thankful for the reason it is this way.

- I am one that doesn't like to have regrets but if there is one throughout this whole process it is to accept help in order to make time for myself. I see independence in Mary Tilman already and that is without a doubt a trait she got from me. My viewpoint: I can do things so much quicker if I do them myself. While on maternity leave, I rarely napped while baby napped. I was too busy cleaning, preparing dinner or other household tasks. I regret this decision and recommend not doing it to any new moms. Take the time to read a book, get a pedicure or take a nap. Go on a walk alone. With having a new baby and the title Mom, comes the loss of time and reflection on yourself. When I was stressed, baby was stressed (and so was hubby). Next time around, I will make the effort to relax a little more and soak in some more alone time.

As hard and trying as some of the last eight-ish months were, they are some of the best. This little girl is beautiful, funny and simply amazing in every way. I am beyond thankful to be her momma and guide her into this great big world. I am also thankful for all the mommas in my life have done for me. They have fed me, clothed me and taught me big life lessons along the way. I have been shaped by my momma, grandmother, aunts, mother-in-law, friends, and many more throughout the years.

May each day be a Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mary Tilman: 8 Month Update

How are you 8 months old? How does time fly by when you least expect it and you feel the need to savor it the most. Little one, how you are so amazing in every way. You are the funniest little thing and oh so sweet. You have also developed a sense of independence and I can see myself in you during these times (much to your father's dismay).

Weight: My guess is in the 18 lb range

Height: Tall? (you were wiggly when I tried to measure last week)

Sleep: Girl you are a blessing in how much you love to sleep. Although, you apparently don't like to nap at school in the fear you will miss out (starting FOMO a little early).

Clothes/Diapers: You are still getting some mileage out of your 6 month clothes but not for long. We have to watch the length in all your outfits. Today you actually went to school in a 12 month bubble (I love chunky baby legs in a bubble). Still in size 3 diapers and will probably stay there for a while.

Diet: We are slowing introducing finger foods during dinner and you seem to be doing okay but haven't mastered the food grab yet. You love to eat and are quite envious when we eat other foods in front of you. You are down to four large bottles a day with a few sprinkled around your meals. The sippy cup is more fun to chew than drink from right now.

Favorite Gear: Activity table, picnic basket toy, placemat, Mom's iPhone

Milestones/Firsts: You got another ear infection but powered through just like first.You, like most women, through the man in your life a curveball when your first daddy/daughter weekend, you decided to get the aforementioned second ear infection. But he was amazing and took great care of you! You have also decided to start crawling, as of last week. Now all household tasks have to be delegated to nighttime since I can't take my eyes off of you for a second. Your first word was "bye-bye" with an adorable wave and we have added "da-da" to our vocab. You can hear the faintest "mama" when you are hysterical for your last bottle before bed.

Likes: Being outside, your dog siblings, people watching, standing ALL.THE.TIME

Dislikes: Changing clothes, riding in the car longer than one hour, bath (this is a new one and not one I am fond of)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


May 5th could be my favorite holiday of the year and it is technically just a made up one anyways. I am a sucker for Mexican food and the sketchier the better. Like strip mall Mexican is the way to go!

Tonight we are taking it low-key because Mariachi music and tequila infused people don't mix with an eight-month old. However, we will be enjoying some crockpot tacos and copy-cat Chipotle rice. I could eat Chipotle every day if I had the choice and/or if I still wanted to fit in my clothes.

Here is some attire if you decide to brave the crowds for a night of Tecate. (And don't wear this all at once, you would look like a giant tassel.)