Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Long Weekend

This past weekend our little family unit of three (plus the bullies) went to our favorite place, the lake.

While this time around was not as relaxing, it was just as enjoyable and fun! Little bit loved the lake and squealed when she saw the water or her dogs in the water (they seem to be one in the same).

We enjoyed our snacks outside while watching the boats and jet skis go by / During dinner Saturday night, she got a little cranky so Dad and baby trekked to chill in the grass

Mary Tilman is very much a Momma's girl but only her daddy can calm her down sometimes / This beauty of a float was an early birthday present. If you have little ones, run to Costco and buy one. MT loved the mesh part that she could sit in while floating with us

These dog beasts must have some lab deep in there because they risked life on those steps. There were several times I thought we would have to swim in after them (I say we as in Aaron). As for wading in the shallow end, they could do that all day / #parentfail... we didn't realize you HAD to latch the crotch strap to make it fit properly so little bit was pretty uncomfortable that first boat ride  (we were perfectly safe and she clutched to me that entire ride before any safety haters come forward)

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