Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mary Tilman: 8 Month Update

How are you 8 months old? How does time fly by when you least expect it and you feel the need to savor it the most. Little one, how you are so amazing in every way. You are the funniest little thing and oh so sweet. You have also developed a sense of independence and I can see myself in you during these times (much to your father's dismay).

Weight: My guess is in the 18 lb range

Height: Tall? (you were wiggly when I tried to measure last week)

Sleep: Girl you are a blessing in how much you love to sleep. Although, you apparently don't like to nap at school in the fear you will miss out (starting FOMO a little early).

Clothes/Diapers: You are still getting some mileage out of your 6 month clothes but not for long. We have to watch the length in all your outfits. Today you actually went to school in a 12 month bubble (I love chunky baby legs in a bubble). Still in size 3 diapers and will probably stay there for a while.

Diet: We are slowing introducing finger foods during dinner and you seem to be doing okay but haven't mastered the food grab yet. You love to eat and are quite envious when we eat other foods in front of you. You are down to four large bottles a day with a few sprinkled around your meals. The sippy cup is more fun to chew than drink from right now.

Favorite Gear: Activity table, picnic basket toy, placemat, Mom's iPhone

Milestones/Firsts: You got another ear infection but powered through just like first.You, like most women, through the man in your life a curveball when your first daddy/daughter weekend, you decided to get the aforementioned second ear infection. But he was amazing and took great care of you! You have also decided to start crawling, as of last week. Now all household tasks have to be delegated to nighttime since I can't take my eyes off of you for a second. Your first word was "bye-bye" with an adorable wave and we have added "da-da" to our vocab. You can hear the faintest "mama" when you are hysterical for your last bottle before bed.

Likes: Being outside, your dog siblings, people watching, standing ALL.THE.TIME

Dislikes: Changing clothes, riding in the car longer than one hour, bath (this is a new one and not one I am fond of)

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