Monday, July 20, 2015

Flying with Baby

Last month, we traveled to the Bahamas with my family. Not only was this May Tilman's first international trip but it was also her first time on a plane. Talk about mommy anxiety.

Luckily, little lady did phenomenal. Before we left I scoured the web for tips on traveling with a baby. Here are a few lessons learned from this novice momma:
  • We opted for baby-wearing as opposed to a stroller. Mary Tilman does better when held so I thought the Ergo-baby would be our best bet. 
  • Travel during nap times. We didn't really plan for this when our flights were booked months ago but it worked out perfectly. 
  • Bring a pacifier, bottle or snack for descent. Mary Tilman woke up right on our descent so I offered her puffs and a bottle to remedy any ear problems.
  • If traveling with family, sit behind them. Mary Tilman wanted to interact with the people in front of her so it worked out that it happened to be my dad and brother. 
  • Don't overpack your diaper bag. We brought the bare essentials and it worked out perfectly. Carrying a 20 lb baby and a 20 lb bag adds up so pack as light as you feel you can.

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