Friday, July 24, 2015


When I think of lately I think of busy. It has been nice to stay home for once in four months and not have to listen to our baby cry in the car... my anxiety appreciates that.
Earlier this month, we installed part of my birthday gift - patio lights! I hope to share a little nicer pics but I was so stinking excited to get them up! I think this is now my new favorite spot in the house.

Mary Tilman had surgery last week to get ear tubes. I used to think it was simple procedure but soon realized nothing is simple when you add an operating room and anesthesia. The two hour pre-op proved quite difficult in keeping a starving baby occupied. But, we did may walks, took many pics and even played with the friendly visitor dog (precious idea by the way). MT was not a happy camper after surgery and that was the toughest part. It is never fun seeing your baby to the point of distress where consolable is not happening.

How is my baby almost one? Party planning is in full swing and I have a glittered basement to prove it!

This photo is too cute not to share. I ask her to take a selfie and this is face I get.

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