Thursday, July 23, 2015


The annual Nordstrom sale is currently happening but you probably knew that. It seems to be everywhere.

The husband doesn't get it because well it is 98 degrees in July and I am talking about ponchos and booties. I like to be prepared for my favorite season of the year with all those important events I plan to be at (aka football games and outdoor functions).

As part of Operation Wedding Weight (aka get my big booty back in year 2010 shape), I think a few incentives would help keep me on track. My wallet doesn't agree.
Freshly Picked Mocs - These are not on sale but I wish they were. I probably should not have put them on here because now the hubs will never let me get them for little Miss that decides she feels the need to walk everywhere. Of course, first time mom just now realized that means I need to buy shoes for school.

Voluspa Candles - I usually buy these from Anthropologie but this is a great buy! My name is Julie and I have a candle problem. I literally have like 12 stashed in a drawer just waiting for the current ones to dry right up. I tell myself there are worse problems to have.

Sam Edelman pumps - I have these pumps in leopard and get a compliment every time I wear them. I am finding shoes the perfect accessory for my daily work wear of all black. Imagine a Mac make-up artist sitting in a corporate cubicle... that is me.

Tory Burch wedges - I have wanted some of these for like ever. Why, no clue but I think they look all fancy. Hubs - hint right here.

Sweater Coat - Give me a sweater, call it a coat and I am a happy girl.

Wide Legs Pants - These are great for work or a nicer function that doesn't call for a dress. This would be great for after-work drinks if that was still a thing after kids.

Burberry Kids Coat - Stop it! Stop it right now Burberry! This is the cutest thing ever but not practical by any means. I would love to have a mini-me but I waited 24 years for a Burberry coat so MT will have to wait as well.

Blouse - I bought this on Saturday and it is perfect! I have been donned the blouse / pants ensemble girl at work and that is fine by me. This is where the aforementioned cute shoes come into play :)

Knit Blazer - I love this blazer for work or play. It says business but of the soft cotton kind.

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