Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Baby's 1st Birthday | Gift Ideas

My baby is almost one. I don't want to think about it.

Considering she is only one, I wanted to get her a few sweet things but ones that won't be tossed to the side tomorrow either.

water table | I actually already got this for MT and maybe overshot the advanced category. It is super fun but could be targeted for some older kids.

 teepee | Mary Tilman loves playing "fort" on our rides home so I thought a teepee would be a great idea. I haven't actually purchased this yet but love this gold one.

 book | MT is obsessed with Brown Bear. We will uncover every book to find it. To alleviate our horrible car rides, I thought a smaller version would be perfect. Fingers crossed!

doll pram | Mary Tilman has started loving on baby dolls so I think this pram is a no-brainer. If only I would think the hubs would agree.
cake server | Friends of ours did this for their little girl and I though it was precious (thanks Mandy). I bought a cake server (in my silver pattern) and engraved her initials and birth date. We will use the server at every birthday and then she can use it at her wedding (tear, tear).

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