Tuesday, August 25, 2015


My blogging has been sub-par lately. If I am not working after Mary Tilman goes to bed, I am crafting for the big O.N.E.

While Pinterest is still a stellar site, I don't have countless hours for it. I do however have time to scour it for first birthday party ideas. I am not going to share those and spoil the big surprise but here are a few recent pinning favs.

I have been tested lately with managing it all and doing so gracefully. There have been tears and stomach cramp induced doctor visits but I am looking forward.

 Tomatoes + blue cheese = enough said

I love this Thanksgiving tablescape. We are hosting my family this year and I love any reason to think up a new, fresh table arrangement.

 In hindsight, I should have done a one year fiesta. This is a front runner for year two's celebration. I would say Mexican is our favorite food group when the hostess knows when we divert from our usual Monday night ritual (and yes I know Mexican is not considered a food group for everyone but it is for this clan).

I wear my hair up about 95% of the time in the summer and I love this easy do... think the hubs can master this braid?

We have fish at least once a week and this ranch, rosemary salmon is super easy and a really good fridge condiment cleaner-outer.

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