Friday, December 11, 2015

Garden Lights

Living in a large city with some much to do has its perks, but after being an Atlanta resident for over five years, we have yet to make it to all the attractions. Could be the result of living life on the road for the first three :)

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are a little haven in the city. Nestled in Piedmont Park, they are right smack dab in Midtown and all the hustle.  Last Friday night, we took Mary Tilman to the Garden Lights. It. Was. Amazing! I am like a kid with Christmas lights and the gardens did not disappoint. MT danced, ran and squealed and every second was perfection. The experience is tailored to both kids and adults alike (the multiple bars appeal to the latter).

- Go early if you have a little one. The gardens got packed fast and it was crowded for her to run around.
- Book online and avoid the lines
- Avoid a stroller if possible. Makes navigating steps and the walkways much easier!

I foresee this adventure to be an annual holiday affair.

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