Sunday, January 3, 2016


Y'all... it is 2016! How is this possible? I mean I know how it is possible but the new year came way too fast!

With any new year comes resolutions and new beginnings. January 1st is truly a clean slate.

These past few days have made me reflect a lot on myself and my expectations of the new year. What do I want out of these next 360+ days? What do I want to change?

I am not a resolution person but I do have self-goals. The more I age, the more I realize that life is too short to settle. To truly be happy, you have to own it and take control. That starts with your environment and the people you surround yourself with. Here are a few of my 2016 goals:

Be in the moment | This was my only goal last year but I need a consistent reminder. It is so easy to pick up your phone and scroll through your feeds or check your emails one last time. It is so easy to think of the next trip to take or the next meal you will have. I am a Type A planner and usually leave nothing to chance. While this is a resume-quality trait, it is also a flaw. I can't take the time to relax and appreciate what is happening the present. This year, I vow to devote my time to those moments I am in and truly appreciate the great things my life has to offer.

Take couple time | This is definitely one that has been on the back-burner since little miss arrived 16 months ago. Sad but so true. We get caught up in work, play and life and easily miss those we love and hold dear. Until this weekend, the hubs and I hadn't had a planned date or a visit to the movies. With no family nearby, it is easy to let this one slip through the cracks. We both vowed to devote more "couple" time in the new year, whether that is time spent at home or on a weekend getaway.

Take me time | This is another one that most mommas can relate with. After all of the life duties take place, the last thing we feel the need to do is pamper ourselves. I consider the perfect me time to be a trip to Target in complete solitude but your idea of peace may differ. Whatever it be, taking the time to just sit back and relax a little is another nice thing to keep top of mind in 2016.

Take friend time | It is so easy to get caught up in my own life to simply forget those precious people in my life. I need to make a more conscious effort to drop a sweet card in the mail or send a quick text to say hey. A girls weekend would be another nice treat that I may need to push for as well :)

Savor the little things | Nothing against SAH mommas but as a working mom, I know I miss a lot. I know I didn't witness Mary Tilman's first step or first word. I know I am not the one who taught her how to eat with a fork or drink from a cup. I know I miss a lot and that makes me appreciate the things I do see. The past 16 months have flown by only to make the next months so bittersweet. She will never be the age she is today so I am trying to make more of an effort to appreciate the little things.

Do what makes you happy | I am a people pleaser by nature but have come to realize, you can't make someone else happy if you aren't. Life is too short to be content. I know 2016 has some exciting things in store and they are making me really happy to see what is to come. 

2016 - I am ready for you!


  1. Love these goes!! I'm working on my goals post for the new year and I can definitely relate to all of your choices :)

  2. Love these goals!! Taking couple time and me time is so so hard once you're a mom. We were much better about couple time this year but I still really struggle with me time. I think these all sound pretty attainable- good luck!

  3. Such great goals lady! I'm with you on working to be more present!