Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

TGI - almost Friday! Cheers to a long weekend with the MLK holiday! Welcome to thoughts on a Thursday, aka brain dump!

Us girls + my mom are trekking up to Charleston to visit my brother. I have only been once but it is my soul town (you know a place that you instantly love but haven't spent much time in). It is a thing... don't question it. I am ready for some yummy food and pretty scenery. Any recs are welcome!

My allergies have been crazy this week. Like I have been rocking the four-eyes look this week because I can't wear my contacts. I keep wanting to take my glasses off like are sunglasses, only to realize I can't see a dang thing with my horrible eyesight #realworldproblems

Little Miss loves animals. When I say love, I mean FREAKS out every time she hears a dog bark or even a squirrel cross the road. Thanks to Eric Carle, bears are an obsession. Her favorite video right now is a seven minute segment on farm animals. Her adoration is precious and hilarious all at the same time.

I love winter because the baggy clothes conceal fat rolls but I want spring... Brights, Florals, White. Spring clothes are hitting the stores like crazy but my pale legs and 15+ winter blubber are suggesting to hold off for another two months.

I picked up these beauties at Nordstrom Rack earlier this month (Perimeter store for you Atlanta gals). I talked myself out of them twelve times but decided to bite the bullet. Blouse + white pants + shoes + losing these 15 lbs. = perfection.

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Those shoes! I'm going to our Rack today to see if they have them! Totes cute.