Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Y'all, I love World Market. I would equate it to a full-priced Home Goods...but their prices are still good. Where else can you buy a bottle of wine, lovely table linens and shop for furniture? I mean you can do that at Target but World Market is another great option. They have some great looking home decor pieces that look like big bucks!

Mary Tilman is waking up earlier and earlier every morning. Google is seriously letting me down in the research department. Seriously I google everything so my search history is probably pretty interesting. I have it chalked down to an early bout of the 18 month sleep regression but this sleep deprived momma is at a loss.

We HAD to find something to do last weekend and so we took MT to the pet store. You would like the kid had never seen a dog before. Seriously she has two rather large pig-dogs to bother all day long. She literally pushed adults out of the ways to squeal at the dogs. Cheap fun!

While not intentional, I have not bought a single piece of clothing for myself this month. It kinda makes me pretty proud. The strange temperatures and the influx of spring clothes could be the reason. Whatever the case, I have my eye on this Loft sweater when February hits.

Speaking of things I don't need... this cover-up. It is cute... cheap... that is enough.

I don't know if my sense of humor is appropriate for an 18 month old classroom but I love these Llama Valentines. I will most likely go the route of craft glue and applesauce but these are pretty killer.

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