Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Loft Love

Oh Loft... how I love thee! What is not to love about a sale every single week, Mom-approved styles and pretty decent prices?

I did some serious closet purging last night because let's be real... I am not fitting these post-baby hips into some freshman year pants. Yep still had those. I am not a sentimental person in the way I hoard things due to a memory but dang I can talk myself into holding onto clothes I haven't worn in four+ years.

Loft - I would love for you to have a 40% off sale so I can snag all of these beauties. Our company just initiated a "dress for the day" policy where jeans are appropriate if your schedule allows. Well this has really messed up my closet full of pencil skirts and trousers... #firstworldproblems.

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