Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

It is Thursday... and this blog is still on the back burner. I love to read, write and share but time is not of the essence these days. Time is actually the most valuable resource I have come to learn. Although, not to be Negative Nancy, some exciting things are taking up my time. To bide some time (see what I did there), here are thoughts to get you through this Thursday... you are welcome :)

- My kid loves Bey... Single Ladies is her jam. This has escalated into listening to the song 3+ times a night while she twerks it out. It could be the single most hilarious thing I have seen, considering she is seventeen months old. Girl has rhythm and I think her dad is having visions of all the homecoming dances in his future.

- These sandals are divine.  I am on the hunt for an Easter dress that will be re-purposed into a wedding guest dress throughout April as well.  As you can tell that hunt is going great considering I am sharing shoes (insert sarcasm).

- I have discovered the Civil Wars thanks to Pandora only to find out they have broken up... ah the cruel irony.

- We took little Miss to the Children's Museum last weekend and gees the amount of kids. One would think children in the title would be a dead giveaway but holy birth control! There were hundreds of kids with some feeling a great need to sprint in every direction! I broke mom code and laid into another kid that almost plowed over MT. My inner Momma Bear stepped in before the knockdown happened. I did get a stank eye from the other mom but such is life and I have no regrets. We did, however, channel our inner farmer with an immense amount of time spent with a tractor and milking cow. Our next house may need some livestock and land to keep this little lady occupied.

- Amen Pinterest

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