Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thoughts for a Thursday

It's Thursday! Hallelujah!

Spring is here! Yay for daffoils, boo for allergies. I feel like someone took a bat to my head. I don't know if anyone else is like this but allergy meds either make me super sleepy or don't even work. Although I will take fresh flowers anyday! If I was hosting Easter at my house I would totally tackle this gorg. thing!

The bathroom renovation is still happening. Public kudos to the hubs on the demo and week-long project undertaking. Public dismay to tile producers that can't make their products consistent. Uneven sheets + mismatch hexagon shapes = calling in the experts.

I ordered white jeans and I am ready to rock them in two weeks (I am an Easter rule follower). In college you could not have caught me in anything but "designer" jeans. Now I realize Gap does just fine. Plus I could buy three pairs of their pants for the price of one designer set. Not only a no-brainer but that equals another pair of shoes :)

The hunt for an Easter dress is on. When I say Easter dress, I really mean a multi-purpose dress I can also wear to upcoming weddings. Here is a gorgeous one from Banana Republic but I don't know if it is "Easter-y" enough.

Next Wednesday, I have a big surprise up my sleeve. It is not a baby (for those on Baby Number Dos watch) but a labor of love these past few months.... Eeek I can't wait!

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