Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Recap {aka phone dump}

I am out of words today but wanted to share our weekend (also referred to as pictures of the little).

Top Left | This was our guest bathroom when I got home from work on Friday. Talk about pit in stomach. The hubs, bless him, worked all weekend long on our guest bathroom. I am super proud of him for taking it all on and it already looks like it belongs in this era (opposed to circa 1970).

Top Right | As of Friday, we have been together 10 years. This picture was when we were babies and I only had one chin.

Bottom Left | The little celebrated her half birthday on Friday so we treated her to our local sketchy Mexican restaurant. Really momma needed a margarita so it was a win-win for all.

Bottom Right | I got this precious little outfit  this weekend. Now, I just need spring to come so we can rock those baby legs all season long.
Top Left | With all the house work, MT and I prowled around town. We scored front row seats for the 15 second penguin waddle... #momwin

Top Right | If you live in Atlanta, buy an aquarium membership. Seriously two visits pay for the entire year. Side note: buy a zoo pass too... they have lost money on us. Then, you can be like us as we wave and say hello to all 5,000,000 fish

Bottom Left | You can wave to the whales too

Bottom Right | After nap, we did what any sane mother would do.... we went to the mall along with the other residents Atlanta. Thank goodness for the Great American Cookie Company because several bribes were involved.

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  1. You're right - our bathrooms do look similar! :)