Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Recap

This post should actually be called, Weekend {not much to} Recap! Our weekend could be summed up by the awesome weather. We got a lot accomplished but also spent a lot of time outdoors.

Tile is a four letter cuss word in our house. The husband says he never wants to step foot in that bathroom again... only after I fake laughed and said "but you will for bathtime right?" The bathroom truly looks great and is a labor of love lots of time. Hopefully I will have a picture to share later this week.

Speaking of bathroom, what does it take for a girl to get a decently priced, classy shower curtain? I found a gorgeous one last night and wanted to throw up a little when it had a $356 price tag? Does it double as a ball gown? I am leaning towards this one but have read bad reviews on the monogramming size. Any recommendations would be phenomenal!

We had a birthday party this weekend so little Miss got all dolled up. Dress are few and far between in this house because they impede on her full-out sprints at school. I took this picture to capture our new shoes. News flash - if you need birth control, visit a kids shoe store during 10-12 on a Saturday. They should serve champagne to calm your nerves with kids literally running everywhere. This running everywhere then makes your own kid think it is a perfectly acceptable thing to participate in. Note: there was a cookie bribe involved.

This last picture sums up the weekend and our life. Winston wanted hammock time so Mary Tilman then insisted to join, only after Winnie felt unloved.

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