Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five.

Can I get a Hallelujah? This week was a doozy and I am ready for some chill time at home. By chill time I mean I fully intend to cross everything on my to-do list that has been internally piling up--welcome to my Type A non-stop mind.

I need to go here. And when I say here, I just mean anywhere. It is almost summer so that means lots of water time, whether it be the lake or the beach. Hopefully it can remove this pasty, white complex that has taken over my body.

I love to cook, but what I really love is having time to cook. I love how I scour Pinterest for the perfect recipe and then realize oh, I don't have time to create a 45 minute meal from scratch. However, Cinco de Mayo is near and we may be savoring this Bang Bang Shrimp  recipe in taco form (I learned a long time ago never to fight the crowds on May 5th--that lesson came with age).

This professionally photographed wall is of our new bathroom. Yes I think we like to cram everything into as little time as possible so I can then wonder why I have 47 new grey hairs. I am kidding about the professional photo if you couldn't tell (ha-I crack myself up). I plan to take legit photos this weekend after I buy some pretty flowers to make you think that is what my life is like all the time. I digress... this new bathroom makes me feel like a new woman. Seriously the stark gold hardware with the poop brown counter were really killing my House Beautiful cover aspirations. 

Last weekend, we trekked down to Mobile for a close friends' wedding. It would have been a great couple weekend had we not thought we were 21 again and could hang like college kids. But really, it was truly a stunning event. The reception was in a 8,000+ square foot tent, that they built, just for this. There was more food than I knew what to do with and the flowers made this peony-loving girl swoon. I also loved that we took an Instagram-worthy photo so my mug could finally grace social media feeds :) 

I will leave you with this face just because I want to. She is truly the funniest, most loving, best person I know (sorry everyone else in the world). I absolutely adore this little bit and am so blessed to be her momma. 

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