Tuesday, April 26, 2016

mothers day

I think as a momma you learn to appreciate Mother's Day for what it is. While sometimes holidays are created just to make a day out of something, both Mother's and Father's day are days where you can just say thanks. Thanks for all the sacrifices and long nights. Thanks for all the tears you shed, both happy and sad. Thanks for the protection from bumps, bruises and heartache. Thank you for just being there.

If and only if I was to make a list, this are a few things on my mind (note to husband: this is basically my birthday list too).

Tory Burch Perfume |  I ran out of my favorite Chanel a long time ago and scoped up some Tory minis during a Sephora sale. I thought nothing could compare to my tried and true but I actually like the TB aromas.

Lake Pajamas | I love pima cotton for the littles so why can't momma join in with some luxurious pajamas of her own? These are apparently all the rage and I want to be a complete trend-follower and get a set of my own.

Lilly Top | I don't own an ounce of Lilly but for some reason I really love their blouses this year. Could be the colors or needing to dress like an adult on the weekends but I wouldn't hate one of these in my closet.

Beach Cover-up | We head to the beach in about a month and I can.not.wait! This cover-up has tassels to help feed this weird obsession I am currently wearing.

Lemon Tree | Last year, the hubs gave me a peony plant. While I probably won't see flowers for another year, I love a gift that keeps on giving. This year, I want a lemon tree. Yep, I want to channel my inner Yolanda (shout-out to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and start my own citrus crop. If own the Southern summer will cooperate with that.


  1. That beach cover up? YES please! What a beautiful article of clothing!

    1. agreed - I love a good cover-up :)