Wednesday, May 25, 2016


When you are little, you are taught to share and how to play nice with others.

When you are in your teens, you are told to be "popular" you had to be surrounded by a mass quantity of friends in order to be cool.

In college, you get to pick and choose your friends, the ones that are similar to you yet different in so many ways. 

As an adult, you come to realize those good friends--the ones that cry, laugh and celebrate with you--are the keepers. They are the ones that will watch your kids get married. They are the ones you grow old with and navigate this messy thing called life.

As this blog has morphed into a diary, a-la coming of age, story, it has also come a place where I can reflect. Having a baby changes things, moving to another time zone changes things, life changes things but those truly great people in your life don't change. Some of my best and cherished friendships are the ones where we never talk on the phone but when we see each other we pick up right where we left off. Those great people are the ones that support you through a simple text or a precious handwritten note. Those people have watched me grow but we have actually grown together. I am proud of my people and you all know who are you are. Cheers to my "keepers" and know you are loved!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Master{ing} the Bath

Our master bath is complete! Can I get a hallelujah?

Here are the horrendous before shots taken during our inspection day. I would like to mention we painted before move-in and installed new carpet. There were some funky stains that made me question a few things.
The bathroom tile was in great shape, it was just dull. Saying that we spent four years with it so I would say it worked just fine.
Now to the pretty pics...This beast of an undertaking was not the most fun project, due to a not-so-great crew. I won't dwell on it but our contractor, who we have used for three other house projects, was a complete disappointment. The project was delayed every step of the way and done quite hap-haphazardly.

But I am happy to reveal a finished and vast improvement to the before photos.

We went with white cabinets to keep it consistent throughout the house but the new taller height is wonderful. The countertop is quartz although it was not our first choice (another story for another day) I am quite pleased with it. 

Regretting my poor photo quality, the floors are a long marble which really make the room seem a lot bigger. We also put in a pocket door which helps with the illusion of more space.
We kept the original tub because honestly they don't make them like they used to but redid everything else. New marble subway tile, new toilet, everything. 

Doesn't it feel good to get a job complete!

Friday, May 20, 2016

House creepin'

It is no secret I love peeking in houses. It is slightly creepy but I love looking at the home decor and design. Luckily, Atlanta is a mecca of gorgeous homes.

Here is a beauty that just went on the market. If you have $6.85 million lying around, you are in luck. If not, you can creep like me.

This fireplace is A.M.AZING. The deer antlers...a little random.

This man study is gorgeous. When I have millions of dollars, I want a wo-man study with leather, paneling, the works.
I love the wall paneling in this boys room. Makes it feel homey in a Joanna Gaines sort of way.

This guest room is great. I love the barn doors and open shelf bath vanity.
I could be skinny in this house. This multi-use room opens to an indoor basketball court and home workout room that would compete against any LA Fitness. No wonder millionaires are skinny... they have lots of square feet to cover.

In addition to being skinny I could also be a PGA player. Loving this putting area.
I am a sucker for a good outdoor space and this one is on point. You would find me here, all day, every day.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Thursday is pretty close to Friday so it deserves a yay. Here is a brain dump for thoughts on the mind:

 This dress... I think I need want it for summer.

Mary Tilman loves sweets. A child after my own heart. This love affair was evident at the lake last weekend at roughly 5:50 am - time zone change is a downer. I tried to step out of Type A mode to let her cover her face in this chocolate doughnut. If only that was acceptable for adults.

I currently own some BaubleBar tassel earrings and they are super fun. I got all sassy on a Tuesday and rocked them to work last week. These are also kind of amazing!

Thinking of our upcoming beach trip, these Champagne Margaritas need to be made. Two types of liquor are the start of great decisions, right?

The past two out of three days I have gone on a run while rockstar husband puts our little love bug down. While it isn't pretty, those 30 minutes are great for me to unwind. Saying that, I love food.... there said it, it is out the universe. I would rather have chips and dip than size 0 hips any day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Words

Maybe it is starting a business or maybe it was having a little girl or maybe, just maybe, it is all part of growing up but I feel like I have done some serious reflecting this past year. 

What do I want out of life? 
Where do I want to be? 
What do I want to do? 
Who do I want there with me?  

As you get older you are reminded of pain, heartache and loss. You are reminded time is the most precious thing and whether rich or poor, it is not guaranteed. You are reminded each day truly adds up to those memories and decisions that make you, yet you are also reminded of the fleeting notion that is time as well.

Looking at this quote, I have always been a people-pleaser. Saying yes is way easier than saying no and taking those potential repercussions with it. While sometimes positive, being a people-pleaser means you lose yourself a little. You lose your power, your spunk, your opinion. I think as women we are taught to say yes and please everyone. As much as my little toddler says no (and irritates me to no end with that word), I secretly love her spit-fire attitude to definitively tell me what she wants. I think we should be taught it is okay to say no but tell us why. It is okay to tell someone you are upset with them, but tell them why. It is perfectly fine to say I am over it, but here is why. The why is really the answer to our no, or even our yes.

With a birthday next month, my new notion is no. No in order to say yes to the things, people and places that I love. No for all the great things that will come my way with time.

To sum up this massive ramblingStay true, Be you, and the rest will fall into place. Hoping to remember this the next time I feel lost and needing to find my way back.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

I think Mary Tilman needs this float. Who am I kidding, I am totally getting this for her. Can you say precious?

The best part of summer is sandal season. I love them all - flip flops, wedges, t-strap, ankle strap, gladiator - you name it. These Sole Society sandals are gold and scalloped...a win-win in my book!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are pregnant with their second baby... well really Blake is. After much thought and consideration, I don't think she is human. I mean really? I looked like a whale at this point in pregnancy. Ah to have a glam squad, personal trainers, private planes and the genes of a goddess.

I am on the hunt for that end-all be-all, perfectly amazing swimsuit for the season. I love the Marysia brand, but the price tag makes me nauseous. This one caught my eye but I have been disappointed with the Old Navy brand quality lately. However, an in-store visit may be in my future.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Recap

Second Mother's Day in the books and I will give it to little bug, she knew how to make it memorable. As much as I adore Mary Tilman, I don't adore many people at the wee hours in the morning. Let's just say a bad dream for little Miss = a LONG day for Mommy and Daddy.

But let's focus on the positive...
We had our annual neighborhood block party this weekend and it was great seeing all the kiddos having fun. Little Miss ate her weight's worth in food and even joined in the cake walk (although joining mid-game is a career limiting move).  We also enjoyed our first sucker which must have warranted a squishy face while trying to capture a mother/daughter pic (we have only captured about 12 couple photos in her entire lifetime).

Mother's Day was celebrated by an A.M.A.ZING brunch at Buckhead Diner and goodies from my loves. I was gifted a lovely lemon tree, which I am pretty stoked about. Little Miss gifted me wine and a spa certificate because what momma doesn't need some alone time followed by a nice stout glass of wine.

Yesterday, I posted the photo above because Mary Tilman thought pictures were overrated yesterday and the fact that I like this picture of me - I shows I do, in fact, exist without a double chin. 

On a much heavier note, with the picture I shared the below and wanted to elaborate more here. As you can read from the last 500+ posts, I like to write:
Mother's Day is another reminder to be thankful for the blessings in your life that seem to be so fleeting. This day is a reminder of gratitude for those big and small amazing moments that come each and every day. I have lost many hours of sleep and gained a few stubborn extra pounds. I have forgone nights out for snuggles in. I have cried tears of sadness but many more tears of joy all because of this little love that made me a mom.

Today reminds me to be thankful for all the moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends I am so blessed to be surrounded by and that get to share their grace with this little love of mine. Happy Mother's Day!

I was literally exhausted yesterday and it seems like the terrible twos have knocked on our doorstep early. She was cranky, we were cranky but all she had to do was say "hug" and wrap those little arms around my neck...I knew it was all worth it. 

Patience is not my best virtue and I know I get overwhelmed sometimes when I try my best to reason with a 20 month old. The thing is, I am blessed not only by Mary Tilman for loving me anyways but to all the ladies in my life because they have patience for me. Patience while I figure out my lack of time, or patience while I am just plain tired. Patience for this hectic time in life and patience for the next rare time we see each other in person.

Yesterday to me, was not just about mothers but about women in general. We rally when we need to and are there waiting when life opens back up.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Five on Fri-yay

1).    J. Wills is celebrating summer and marking all seersucker down 15%. This means all seersucker is now under $30, which is a great steal for your little ones or even to stock up for next year (that is the Type A planner in me coming out).

2).    We have a neighborhood block party this weekend and I am taking this staple, Chilled Vegetable Salad.It is so easy and so good. Perfect for any summer get-togethers coming your way.

3).    I feel like I need want a new clutch. Zara has a great option for a great price point. And it looks big enough to carry all the toddler goods I seem to keep lugging around these days.

4).    As if I am not being selfish enough, I think these sandals would be great this summer. One can't have too many shoes... am I right?

5).    Sunday is Mother's Day and I don't think I truly appreciated this day until I had a little of my own. I didn't anticipate the sacrifices one has to make. The time, body and soul it takes to raise a kid and raise them right. I have immense mom guilt when I miss those new moments while at work but deeply savor the sweet times we have. I have regret when I have to work late or leave my little one but boy does it make the reunion all that much sweeter. While this day is a day to celebrate the moms in your life it also causes hesitation for those that yearn to be moms or those that have experienced loss. The day has a bittersweet notion but one that is savored all that much more.

Thank you not just to my momma but to my grandmother for loving my momma and my mother-in-law for raising my husband right. They say it takes a village and it sure does. I mean, I am biased to a mother's love but it takes everyone--spouses, family, friends, neighbors, teachers--to raise our kids in this crazy world where we live. Happy Mother's Day to not only all the mommas out there but to everyone else in the village.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

q & a

I have noticed a few new faces in the comments section and I am so happy to share this little corner of the web with y'all. This little blog started as a way to connect with friends and family from afar but has really become an outlet for me and a great diary along the way.

Saying all that, I thought it would be fun to do a little question and answer session (Natalie - I definitely stole borrowed some of your questions):

1. What is your favorite food?
Oh goodness, I love any kind of food and am always up to try new things. Although, my favorite is Mexican and the strip mall kind, not the fancy schmacy stuff. I like a low-key meal with a good margarita and even better cheese dip.  The hubs snagged a cheap date.

2. If you had to choose, flip flops or high heels? 
Both - Flip flops are my go-to on the weekend but I love a good high heel every now and then.

3. Where are your favorite places to shop for yourself?
Loft, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Nordstrom - I like good quality clothes but for a reasonable price

4. What scares you? 
Heights. I can easily have a panic attack when just thinking about something really high off the ground, although I love flying... weird.

5. When is the last time you cried?
Thinking about how big my little one is getting. Time is so fleeting and I just want to freeze these moments a little longer.

6. Which one: DIY or hire it out? 
Hire it out - We have DIY-ed 90% of our house and while I am proud, the cost of invaluable time is not worth it anymore. Why spend a weekend on an entire project when weekends are all I get for family time?

7. What are your favorite TV shows? 
I rarely watch shows when they actually air but I catch up on these when I can (I keep my TV standards low) - Southern Charm, Scandal, Modern Family, Real Housewives. I also love a good murder mystery like Dateline.

8. What is your favorite book?
I don't really have a favorite but love to read anything from a beach book to a murder mystery.

9. What is your favorite form of exercising? 
Who has time for that? Kidding... kind of. I have been trying to make running a priority because it is 30 minutes of me-time and gets me out for some fresh air.

10. How tall are you? 

11. Do you consider yourself adventurous? 
No. If given time to think about something, I will always find a way to talk myself out. However, a spontaneous trip away sounds appealing from time to time... I know, living on the edge.

12. What is one make-up item you can't live without? 

13. What is on your nightstand? 
Books, magazines, glasses, cell phone

14. What is one thing motherhood has taught you? 
There are way more than one - Gratitude, Patience, Contentment, Love - in the most selfless way possible.

15. What is your favorite music?
Depends on the mood - Right now I am on a country kick but when I work out, rap all the way. I also love John Mayer, Dave Matthews, really you name it.

16. If you could live anywhere in the world besides your current city where would you live? 
Back home in Alabama. I think living in the city makes you appreciate the slower pace of life once in a while.

17. Tell us something about you we might not know: 
Only my family knows this but I H.A.T.E. the word "moist". It literally makes me gag every time I hear it. I can't explain it but that word just gives me the creeps even typing it out.

18. What is your favorite quote?
"Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth."

19. Do you consider yourself a morning person or night owl?
Night owl

20.  You've been handed two free round-trip tickets, who are you taking and where are you going?
Of course the hubs and definitely Egypt, which is at the top of my bucket-list. I have had a weird fascination since childhood and always wanted to go explore the pyramids for myself.