Friday, May 6, 2016

Five on Fri-yay

1).    J. Wills is celebrating summer and marking all seersucker down 15%. This means all seersucker is now under $30, which is a great steal for your little ones or even to stock up for next year (that is the Type A planner in me coming out).

2).    We have a neighborhood block party this weekend and I am taking this staple, Chilled Vegetable Salad.It is so easy and so good. Perfect for any summer get-togethers coming your way.

3).    I feel like I need want a new clutch. Zara has a great option for a great price point. And it looks big enough to carry all the toddler goods I seem to keep lugging around these days.

4).    As if I am not being selfish enough, I think these sandals would be great this summer. One can't have too many shoes... am I right?

5).    Sunday is Mother's Day and I don't think I truly appreciated this day until I had a little of my own. I didn't anticipate the sacrifices one has to make. The time, body and soul it takes to raise a kid and raise them right. I have immense mom guilt when I miss those new moments while at work but deeply savor the sweet times we have. I have regret when I have to work late or leave my little one but boy does it make the reunion all that much sweeter. While this day is a day to celebrate the moms in your life it also causes hesitation for those that yearn to be moms or those that have experienced loss. The day has a bittersweet notion but one that is savored all that much more.

Thank you not just to my momma but to my grandmother for loving my momma and my mother-in-law for raising my husband right. They say it takes a village and it sure does. I mean, I am biased to a mother's love but it takes everyone--spouses, family, friends, neighbors, teachers--to raise our kids in this crazy world where we live. Happy Mother's Day to not only all the mommas out there but to everyone else in the village.

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