Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Recap

Second Mother's Day in the books and I will give it to little bug, she knew how to make it memorable. As much as I adore Mary Tilman, I don't adore many people at the wee hours in the morning. Let's just say a bad dream for little Miss = a LONG day for Mommy and Daddy.

But let's focus on the positive...
We had our annual neighborhood block party this weekend and it was great seeing all the kiddos having fun. Little Miss ate her weight's worth in food and even joined in the cake walk (although joining mid-game is a career limiting move).  We also enjoyed our first sucker which must have warranted a squishy face while trying to capture a mother/daughter pic (we have only captured about 12 couple photos in her entire lifetime).

Mother's Day was celebrated by an A.M.A.ZING brunch at Buckhead Diner and goodies from my loves. I was gifted a lovely lemon tree, which I am pretty stoked about. Little Miss gifted me wine and a spa certificate because what momma doesn't need some alone time followed by a nice stout glass of wine.

Yesterday, I posted the photo above because Mary Tilman thought pictures were overrated yesterday and the fact that I like this picture of me - I shows I do, in fact, exist without a double chin. 

On a much heavier note, with the picture I shared the below and wanted to elaborate more here. As you can read from the last 500+ posts, I like to write:
Mother's Day is another reminder to be thankful for the blessings in your life that seem to be so fleeting. This day is a reminder of gratitude for those big and small amazing moments that come each and every day. I have lost many hours of sleep and gained a few stubborn extra pounds. I have forgone nights out for snuggles in. I have cried tears of sadness but many more tears of joy all because of this little love that made me a mom.

Today reminds me to be thankful for all the moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends I am so blessed to be surrounded by and that get to share their grace with this little love of mine. Happy Mother's Day!

I was literally exhausted yesterday and it seems like the terrible twos have knocked on our doorstep early. She was cranky, we were cranky but all she had to do was say "hug" and wrap those little arms around my neck...I knew it was all worth it. 

Patience is not my best virtue and I know I get overwhelmed sometimes when I try my best to reason with a 20 month old. The thing is, I am blessed not only by Mary Tilman for loving me anyways but to all the ladies in my life because they have patience for me. Patience while I figure out my lack of time, or patience while I am just plain tired. Patience for this hectic time in life and patience for the next rare time we see each other in person.

Yesterday to me, was not just about mothers but about women in general. We rally when we need to and are there waiting when life opens back up.

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