Thursday, May 19, 2016


Thursday is pretty close to Friday so it deserves a yay. Here is a brain dump for thoughts on the mind:

 This dress... I think I need want it for summer.

Mary Tilman loves sweets. A child after my own heart. This love affair was evident at the lake last weekend at roughly 5:50 am - time zone change is a downer. I tried to step out of Type A mode to let her cover her face in this chocolate doughnut. If only that was acceptable for adults.

I currently own some BaubleBar tassel earrings and they are super fun. I got all sassy on a Tuesday and rocked them to work last week. These are also kind of amazing!

Thinking of our upcoming beach trip, these Champagne Margaritas need to be made. Two types of liquor are the start of great decisions, right?

The past two out of three days I have gone on a run while rockstar husband puts our little love bug down. While it isn't pretty, those 30 minutes are great for me to unwind. Saying that, I love food.... there said it, it is out the universe. I would rather have chips and dip than size 0 hips any day.

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