Thursday, June 16, 2016


Let's just be real, Banana Republic had a few bad years. Everything was drab and slightly depressing. I love black clothes and their instant slimming abilities, but I also love a pop of color here and there.

However, they have been knocking it out of the park these last few seasons. It could be my favorite neon green or it could be the 40% coupons, but whatever the reason I have become a Banana fan again!

Envelope Clutch | Again with the clutches but this one is sleek and classy - perfect for a night out.

Flutter Sleeve Dress | I am not a print person. Seriously, you won't find too many printed items in my closet. However, I do like a pattern or two and this fuschia / blur-ple combo is a winner.

Vee Top | This chartreuse, neon green color is currently my favorite. I looks better with a tan which is a sad work in progress. Anywho I love the dressy look of this top, perfect to dress up or down.

Lace Shorts | I have become a shorts lover and these are great. This navy version would look perfect with a white blouse and wedges.

Fringe Sandals | I was gifted these for my birthday and that are as amazing as I imagined. Super fun and pretty comfortable.

Peplum Tee | Tees have become my weekend friend when I don't want to be that grunge mom rocking a fraternity shirt from 2006. (I will note this still happens more than it should)

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  1. I am totally in love with that blue and pink dress! BR is really stepping up their game and adding some beautiful colours in their clothes! Happy Friday! xx Rox-Anne,