Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dad Day

Oh man, this guy. We don't do public displays of affection, we don't do mushy. But oh man, this guy is an amazing father.

I don't tell him enough. I don't tell him how much is support means but gosh I am thankful. Thankful for his calming spirit yet the ability to be firm when warranted. I am thankful for his shoulder to cry on and his contagious grin to laugh with. Sadly I think I am more thankful for his lending hands when they aren't there (two weeks of straight travel can teach you that).

I am thankful for him, especially when I see that look in our daughter's eyes. That look of love, a love that will last forever.

There haven't been many girls in his bloodline. Saying that, there haven't been many hairbows, pink or baby dolls. There haven't been bloomers, smocked bikinis or princess castles but this man, this preppy, boys-boy has embraced all things girl. He has embraced all things his daughter.

I see this man being front row at ballet recitals, being that dad at a pop star's closest tour stop, being the tough father figure greeting her date for the first school dance or being that sentimental father-of-the-bride before taking a long walk down the aisle.

You hear everyone say they love their spouse more after having a child together. I think it is more of a greater respect. A respect, a silent acknowledgement, of we have got this. We can rally through lost sleep and temper tantrums as long as we are a team. To me, having a lifelong team mate brings that warm and gushy feeling.

So.....Thank you Aaron, my team mate. Happy Father's Day.

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