Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I think it is human nature to take the easy way out. We always look for the shortcut or the fastest means to an end. We use apps to save time and we will hire help if it frees up some more minutes in the day. The easiest way is not always the best.

Sometimes the hard thing is the right thing. Standing up for yourself, letting go of stained relationships, starting fresh. But sometimes the hardest thing is to follow your dreams.

Starting my own business is that dream. Of course I have others but it is the biggest. I have learned that starting your own business is all about putting yourself out there. You have to put your all into something because you own it, you created it. The curse of putting yourself out there is the comparison that comes with it. You compare everything; second guess everything; become doubtful about everything. Comparison becomes a devil of sorts and it digs. It digs at your confidence; it digs at your vision.

But, just this week I had an epiphany of sorts. This little dream is mine. This little dream is up to me. This dream is what I make of it and I choose to continue fulfilling that dream. I will be the first to admit, this little dream has cost me sleep, hours of free time, workouts, nap time relaxation, time with my family but this dream has given me so much more. Confidence. Assurance. Optimism. This little dream has opened my eyes to how lucky I am to have an amazing support team.

If you stayed with me thus far, I encourage you to dream. It doesn't have to be a business. It can be that trip of a lifetime or a new hobby. A dream is what keeps us moving forward and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Because really, a dream becomes the promise of tomorrows.

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