Friday, June 24, 2016

Five on Friday

I have vowed to get in shape. However mother nature has been limiting my runs due to the 99 degree weather at dusk. Saying that, I reignited my love/hate relationship with Tony Horton. This new video is amazing and I have only done one. Yep I am sold. 

 I love this new dress from Banana Republic. Actually, I would love a place to wear it as it would look out of place at Chik-fila-A. All you people with exciting, traveling lives should totally get this dress and wear it in various exotic places.

The only TV I watch these days is Paw Patrol or reality TV. I got caught up on the Southern Charm finale and it left me with an epiphany: They are all crazy... every one of them! But really, I love the show and all their #realworldproblems. It actually makes me feel better about my drama-less life.

J. Wills is having a summer sale! Stock up on precious pieces for now or next year! Our Fall collection is coming in as well so snag some of the cutest little outfits before they are gone!

 Tomorrow is the husband's birthday! We love birthdays in our family, so much so that I try to pull out the most embarrassing picture I can find and post it to Facebook. Unfortunately I think I have used them up after 11 years together but I am holding out hope on finding a gem.

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