Monday, June 6, 2016

Post-vacay Blues

We just returned from eight days in Destin, Florida and it was a MUCH NEEDED trip away. Who doesn't love sand, sun, drinks and QT with friends and family?

I want to throw it out there that whoever said family vacations were relaxing must have been extremely exhausted to even think that. After a weekend spent with friends, we were truly not prepared for the never-ending whirlwind named Mary Tilman. This girl is nonstop but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mary Tilman loved the beach to an extent. She refused to enter the water without you and found consistently pouring buckets of water on herself to be the most exciting. At least she managed to look precious while being a handful :)

The pool, however, was her element. She jumped off the side maybe 359 times. We literally had to pull her out of there kicking and screaming, much to the entertainment of bystanders.

She also loved the camera and decided to model on our beach walk to dinner. And from the above photo, I say model loosely as she was easily distracted by airplanes in flight.
While at the beach, we celebrated my birthday at a favorite Harbor Docks. I wanted sushi and we both wanted cheap child entertainment - boats coming in and out of the harbor.

One night Mary Tilman donned her favorite pajamas during story time on the balcony and I grabbed a few photos. I thought it was the sweetest picture because she loves her "babies" so.
 I also learned to never take my eyes off of her as she literally ate my eyeshadow... and looks rather proud of it.

Another dinner save by goldfish crackers and something to look at, this time beach-goers at the Back Porch.

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  1. 8 days in Destin sounds perfect right about now. I have been down there in almost 2 years and I miss it so much!! All of your pictures looks so good. Glad y'all were able to spend some QT together!! :)