Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Toddler Favorites

Oh toddlers... how thee's attention span is quite small. Mary Tilman has a few favorite toys but we only play with them for 47 seconds before moving onto the next thing.

I love other blogger roundups so I know you are pining for my list :)

Spiralin' Seas Water Table | During the summer months, you can find us out back with this awesome table. Mary Tilman thoroughly enjoys soaking herself with cups of water. Really though, she would actually suffice with a water hose but we try to keep it classy around here.

Crayola Color Wonder | Mary Tilman is in a major color phase. Every night while prepping dinner I hear: "Momma, Color. Dada, Color. Color!" The magic of these color wonder markers are that momma's carpet doesn't get touched and little bit creates a masterpiece. Win, Win!

Bathtime Numbers | Disclaimer - I found this set at Home Goods but it has been a major hit during bathtime.

Johnson & Johnson Bubble Bath | I think toddlers are hypnotized to think bubbles are the best thing ever. I can't walk into the bathroom without hearing BUBBLES! In all seriousness though, I think bubbles are a momma's best friend during a bath boycott.

Disney movies | We are finally into a movie phase...can I get an amen? Movies make car rides home less panic-inducing and make everyone happier all around. The Jungle Book happens to be the current favorite and I am A-OK with that.

Books | Our bedtime ritual consists of three books and I savor this snuggly time. On the Night You Were Born makes me tear every time #sappymom

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