Friday, July 1, 2016


These are my confessions.... 
Does anyone else think of the Usher song when they hear that line? 
No? Okay maybe just me (go to the 1:30 mark if you want to relive 2009).

My husband's internal body heat is 1,027 degrees. He is like a heater. I now know why people in 1950 slept in separate beds. They were tired of waking up in a pool of sweat.

People with family close by... you don't know how lucky you have it. A spur-of-the-moment date night, I wouldn't know what that was. The latest movie release - seems like the last movie I saw in theaters was Titanic (just kidding... slightly).

I like to think of myself as a nice, sophisticated Southern woman. But, crazy drivers can bring out worst in people. Atlanta was just rated one of the worst accident-prone cities and I can see why. No logical person would attempt to merge across six lanes of traffic... oh but they do. ALL.THE.TIME.

#adulting - This will be my hashtag of choice in a few weeks. The hubs and I are headed to Asheville for a weekend getaway and it is needed big time. Did you know Asheville is home of more breweries than anywhere else in the country. Could be why this was the destination of choice for the hubby... just saying.

Torture - children's cartoons are right up there with toddler whining. If I watch another episode of Paw Patrol, I may cut off our cable.

I have worked out three nights in a row this week. Before you roll your eyes, that is huge for me. My entire body aches but I am hoping my sore muscle limp goes un-noticed. I did however go off the deep end last night when we popped in our local burger joint.

Mary Tilman loves Justin Bieber. Her face literally lights up every time she hears his songs. Some may judge my parenting expertise but the Biebs comes in mighty handy when you need two minutes of solo time.


  1. Have a fun time in Asheville! I haven't been in years but my husband has been recently for a few bachelor parties and I've heard the breweries are a blast. My husband's brother lives in Atlanta and for years Theo has been saying we should move to ATL because there are better jobs than in Charleston but I just couldn't leave my family! And I'm so thankful for them now even more since we had a baby because my MIL is a great monitor watcher once Oliver goes to bed so mommy and daddy can have a night out!

    1. Savor the closeness because I sure am envious :)