Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dressing the Littles

Mary Tilman has been voted best dressed at school and that makes this momma proud. While some mornings are a battle and she has grown quite the opinions, I (or Aaron) generally just pick whatever fits for the day's activities.

I frequently get asked where I get her clothes. I would be remiss without saying my mom and mother-in-law have generously made or bought a good portion of her clothes and I am forever grateful for that. Although, now owning a children's boutique I get to play dress up and dream of ensembles quite frequently now. To be honest, I buy with an eye for what I would personally dress my children in.

Here are some of my lessons learned with toddler wear (infant wear was a completely different ballgame):

Smocked / Southern Clothes
  • If not bought by the aforementioned awesome grandmothers I like to shop around. I also usually don't prefer busy prints especially while she is still so little. Another preference is something unique that not every other kid on the playground would wear.
  • Lately I have had horrible luck with the Facebook auction sites, although I have purchased from them all (Smocked Auctions, Southern Tots, Cecil & Lou, Southern Smocked). While the price is great, the product is either a lower than expected quality or extremely late. For the sake of class I will leave their name out, but I recently ordered a precious outfit that was promised in late April and it arrived mid-June. The customer service was extremely lacking with the only offer of consolation was to cancel the order all-together. I love this little site and think their line is so sweet, but don't think I can continue ordering from there.
  • Some great sources I have found are Zulily (although shipping takes forever), Smocking Bug and local Atlanta boutiques.
  • Brands we love | Viva La Fete, Sunshine Kids, True, Mom & Me, Petit Ami, Dondolo, Little English, Proper Peony, Prim & Proper Clothing, Beaufort Bonnet Company, Shrimp & Grits
Play Clothes
  • If hanging around the house I usually throw a t-shirt on her and some shorts. If I know school is going to be a messy day, then we usually wear an appliqued shirt and short set, courtesy of those great grandmothers.
  • Brands we love | Baby Gap, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren
  • Before kids, I had no idea they go through so many clothes. Now most of our wash consists of pajamas. Mary Tilman wears a new set every night because it either has the remnants of yogurt from breakfast or smell of a pee-pee diaper (gross but #reallife)
  • About 95% of our pjs are Hanna Anderson. While on the more expensive side, they last forever. I purchased Baby Gap pjs for a while but was not impressed on the quality.
  • Since opening J. Wills, I have grown to love Petit Plume. Again slightly more expensive but MT's current size will last her well into next Spring. Also a perk is they are truly pajamas made with a flame retardant material. (Newly learned tidbit - if they are called "loungewear" they don't met gov. regulations on safety guidelines).

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