Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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Yesterday before heading out to school and work, I asked Mary Tilman about all of her friends. She named every one of them, so I said, "Well what is your name?" She looked at me, nodded her head and said "Princess". My first thought was oh goodness what have I done?

Fast forward to school drop-off and her teacher laughed when I recounted the story. She said during circle time last week, Mary Tilman said "Princess" when it came to share her name. 

I laughed, texted and called because I thought it was cute and funny. But then I thought am I setting bad example? Am I enabling her to think she is of the princess mentality who can do no wrong? Did all those times I call her beautiful, pretty, smart and a princess backfire on me? Call it society's mom-shame or my self-shame but I felt confused.

Yet... I want my daughter to think she is a princess. I want her to dream and hope and aspire to be something amazing. If she wants to be a princess, go for it. She may not be royalty but one day I want her to be a princess to someone, be it her husband or her own children. I want my little girl to dream a big dream and let no one stand in the way. 

Maybe this little princess of mine is on to something. Unless you truly believe in a dream, it won't ever come true.

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