Monday, July 11, 2016

Zoo Day

Having been on the go for the past several weekends, we decided to take Mary Tilman to her happy place, the Zoo. This kiddo loves anything animal so she is right in her element. We talk about the zoo before our visit, squeal while there and talk about it for days after.

In case you are ever in Atlanta, here are some tips for our (in my opinion) a pretty awesome zoo:
  • If you live in Atlanta or see yourself going more than two times a year, buy a zoo membership. It is definitely worth the money.
  • Go early! They open at 9:30 and we are always there on the dot. The afternoons are packed and make it very un-enjoyable. 
  • In the summer, go early! Did I say go early? It was VERY toasty this last weekend so I couldn't imagine going at 2:30 in July. For an air-conditioned break, visit the reptile house or the treehouse across from the gorillas.
  • If you want a close up view of the gorillas, go to the elevated deck platform past the viewing house. You get to see much more from that angle.
  • The petting zoo is my least favorite area but the kids seem to love it. They usually have goats and sheep but this past week they added two hairy pigs. I have never seen a little girl smile so big than when a pig oinked at her--really makes me feel loved :) 
  • The train. While a kid's dream, it is very low to adult standards. It is a pretty poor train ride resulting in a quick jaunt around the playground and splash pad.
  • The pandas are the biggest attraction being that you can only view them at three US zoos. The viewing room gets pretty packed so plan a visit in Spring or Fall when they are out in their habitats during the semi-cooler weather.
  • While we have yet to partake, you can fork over some cash for a special encounter with the tiger, elephant, panda, tortoise or a few other animals. The website says that ages two and under are allowed to watch but not participate. Either way, it would be pretty neat for people of all ages.

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