Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ballard Designs

Like I am sure most of you may, I get a Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn catalog in the mail multiple times a month. But without an endless supply of money lying around, home decor is something that is one and done in our house for several years. Saying all that, it never hurts to dream.

Pedestal Dining Table - I love the contemporary look of a pedestal table paired with traditional chairs. This would be perfect in a well-lit dining area.

Light Pendant - This pendant is perfect for that french rustic feel.

Decorative Quills - I mean who doesn't love a decorative feather. Kidding aside, these look like the perfect addition when you need that something to finish a space or complete a table.

Coffee Table - Acrylic seems to be everywhere these days and this table does not disappoint. Again another contemporary addition to a traditional space.

Side Table - I would love to redo our master bedroom and get a larger bed. I am also loving the look of these side tables next to an upholstered headboard.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Random Wednesday

I have been off-the-grid and I will own it. Life is busy and August is really outdoing itself with travel and event planning. Nothing like have a trunk show and two-year-old birthday party back to back but I can't wait to see the outcomes.

I like to take pictures of my kid and get really lucky when she pauses for .2 seconds. I nicely coerced her into taking a picture last week wearing this precious set I snagged during all these awesome summer sales. Little English is a brand we carry at J. Wills but I didn't launch with their spring/summer line. You best believe when they put this sweet bloomer and crochet top on sale I snagged those beauties for the next few months and next year.

I got a new planner and am not ashamed to say I am a planner-lover. I also love all things Rifle paper so this was a win all around. The best part is the hard cover but light-weight feel. The check-list style daily portion also makes my type-A personality feel at home.

Card Against Humanity truly is the game for horrible people but it sure can make you laugh.

Our annual college reunion happened last weekend and it was amazing...except for missing one lovely lady :(. Girls weekends are so good for the soul to get away, have some serious laughs and just catch up on life. Gosh I miss these ladies so!